Rajkumar (1996)

Rani Maa's(Reena Roy) husband is killed by the neighboring kingdom's evil Prime Minister Man Singh (Naseeruddin Shah). The Prime Minister absolves himself from this killing and blames it on the king, the father of Rajkumari Vishaka (Madhuri Dixit). Rani Maa swears to avenge the death against the Rajkumari. Man Singh also has a twin brother, Surjan Singh (also Naseeruddin Shah) who is not evil at all albeit a little naive. Rani Maa is shocked and aghast when she finds out that her only son, Rajkumar (Anil Kapoor) is in love with Rajkumari. She sets out to oppose this marriage, while Rajkumar will leave no stone unturned to marry Rajkumari. The stage is set for mother and son to decide whether it is in their best interest to include someone in the family, who has killed a husband and a father respectively.
Payal Meri jadu jagay

Naseeruddin Shah ... Durjan Singh / Surjan Singh
Anil Kapoor ... Rajkumar
Madhuri Dixit ... Rajkumari Vishaka
Danny Denzongpa ... Ali
Reena Roy ... Rani Maa
Farida Jalal ... Panna (Dai maa)
Aruna Irani ...



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